MyWave AI and SAP Commerce Cloud Revolutionises the Customer Experience to a Segment of One

Increasing Sales with MyWave AI

The combination of MyWave AI and SAP Commerce Cloud utilising SAP’s Cloud Platform Extension Factory allows the unique learning, contextual brain based data model of MyWave to create a Segment of One e-commerce and shopping experience.

The MyWave/SAP business case is built on MyWave’s capacity to personalise customer preferences individually and extends to their home, their personal ecosystem networks of business, friends and family.

MyWave remembers context and learns in real time allowing for proactive cross sell and up-sell based on preferences, desired experience, outcome and what the person has just done.

This provides significant and rapid ROI with invaluable contextual data, maximising sales, marketing, strategy and ultimately positively impacting the bottom line and can be deployed in weeks.

MyWave AI + SAP brings contextual learning and intelligent outcomes to SAP end customers and employees enhancing your SAP investment.  Contact MyWave to find out more.

Increasing Sales with MyWave AI